Dating a cat lady

He is not my boyfriend, not my husband, not my brother, cousin, uncle, or any other kind of kin. Sitting across from a table, sipping coffee wasn’t so bad. What will I do if he slides his arm behind me across the back of the pew?

Travel Writer that I would give myself a decent amount of time sans men in my life not only because I was a damn wreck, but also it felt so good to just not date or care about dating or care about any of that side of things for a good long while.

So I don’t know if I got uglier in the last year or WHAT, but it has been some barren hell of a wasteland for me in this Month One. Here’s what I’ve got so far: BUMBLE More and more people are meeting on Bumble these days. If I have to hear one more time how so and so met their boyfriend, fiancee, etc.

on Bumble, I’m going to throw bees in someone’s face! Unfortunately, so far, OKCupid has turned into a parade of men who I either have already gone on dates, had already messaged and traded numbers with or who have literally been on that site since 2009 when I first joined it as a wee one.

I almost hoped he would make me angry or disgust me. Now that the Good News has reached him, I worry about the trivial things that escaped my imagination previously. Instead, might I be able to borrow one of my pastor’s kids to sit between us?

Suddenly I am extremely aware of how potentially awkward I may feel while I introduce this man, whom I have no clear relationship with, to the other attendees at my small church. In all reality he is a random stranger whom I’ve met a handful of times and have no reason to still be connected to – except because he likes me and I want him to meet Jesus.

SHE WON'T MANIPULATE YOU Pet personality researchers — believe it or not, they exist — have found that cat owners tend to be, among other desirable things, straightforward and trusting.

It makes sense: If a cat is hungry, he waits by his food dish; if he’s pissed, he lunges.

I got one date out of it but I concluded that particular app attracts men who don’t make moves, because the whole premise of the app is that women make the first move.

I did not want to talk to you about Jesus because you like me.” I slowly poured forth my reasoning. “Sometimes a man who likes me will tell me whatever he thinks I want to hear. Now that I have shared the gospel with this man, Operation Flirt to Convert is complete.

His eyes twinkled, but he still looked slightly puzzled. I did not want to tell you about Jesus because I did not want you to make a decision based on your feelings toward me.” My latte vanished within the first fifteen minutes of our conversation. Our discussion ranged from church and salvation, to drinking and smoking, to hunting and motorcycles, to marriage and past experiences, to why bad things happen if God is merciful, and back to a relationship with Jesus Christ. All in all, I enjoyed the time spent together immensely. He knows all that he needs to know in order to make a decision.

No bitching, sulking, or mind games, which is a perfect match for his owner’s no-nonsense disposition. If you want a woman who won't leave you guessing, hang out in the sticks-with-sparkly-feathers-tied-to-them aisle at Pet Smart.

Owning Cats Responsibly Staying Social While Loving Cats Community Q&A ”Cat ladies” are thought of as those out there who are so obsessed with their cats that the animal takes top precedence in their life.


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