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Dating separated man forums

I used to work but since we have baby, he asked me to stay at home and I have been 11 years staying at home to take care of the child and house hold. how long we could do separation before get divorce (for the seek of our child, I would never agree for divorce) if, by the end, I must give him a divorce 2. Despite any well meaning advice you may receive, the only advice is to seek advice of a legal representative in the country you are resident in. Your child is now eleven according to your post, so many would consider that although you didn't work in the past, you could go back to work now he is older, for instance. I guess when we want to get legal separation, we must go back to geneva, isn't it? friend of mine get divorce after 9 years but it was in year 2001....

For some reasons, he quits the house 1 year ago and now he told me that he sees someone. Lily If you live outside Switzerland you may be better to start a divorce in your own country under your own laws; generally Swiss law is not very generous to divorced ladies & other countries laws are better (not always of course). It all depends ..EF is really not the best place to ask as we have no real idea of your exact circumstances,the laws where you live, etc. I thought it is 4 years separation (I am not sure) and after 5 years without doing anything, it will be automatically divorce (like UK law), but 12 years !!!???

There are several threads on here looking for one to be recommended, check them out as a starting place if you don't know where to begin. __________________ Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

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And that says that fundamentally the laws of the country of residence apply. Read for yourself: Eheschutz Grundstzlich unterstehen die ehelichen Rechte und Pflichten den rechtlichen Bestimmungen des Wohnsitzstaates.

Wenn Sie und Ihr Ehegatte im Ausland leben und mindestens einer von Ihnen Schweizer Brger ist und es unmglich oder unzumutbar ist, ein Eheschutzbegehren am Wohnsitz oder gewhnlichen Aufenthalt von Ihnen oder Ihrem Ehegatten zu erheben, knnen Sie die schweizerischen Gerichte oder Behrden am Heimatort anrufen. Auslndische Entscheidungen oder Massnahmen im Bereich des Eheschutzes werden in der Schweiz regelmssig anerkannt, wenn sie in einem Staat ergangen sind, in welchem einer der Ehegatten lebt.

You really need proper legal advice though, get yourself a layer who can advise you properly.

Aaron Siskind By mutual consent: both can file a few days after you separate, everything can be completed in 6 months If one party disagrees: then you must wait for 2 years to pass before you can file without the other parties consent.

If the other party disagrees and the divorce becomes a battleground, then it can takes years and years to complete, with often the only winners being the lawyers.

Juni 1970 an, so richtet sich die Anerkennung nach dessen Vorschriften.

As others have said, potentially, your husband could file for divorce in Switzerland as he's Swiss.


  1. Nov 14, 2008. There's no point dating someone who's divorced if you're dating to find someone to marry since you can't marry someone who's divorced - is that correct. The proper matter for marriage is the man and woman capable of giving consent. I recommend reading this thread from another Catholic forum.

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  5. Your husband can file for divorce without your consent 2 years after you separated under Swiss law. What he did, has done etc is totally irrelevant as divorce here is "no fault". The law also states very clearly what you are both entitled to which is 50% of assets amassed since the date of your wedding, any.

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