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Free robotic sex chat app

For instance, there's a mobile app for Android and i Phone devices, a Firefox extension that displays instant notifications, and a desktop-based notifier, too.

Meebo is a fun and practical tool that helps you keep in touch with all of your online friends from the same place.

Meebo allows you to connect and chat with friends across multiple instant messaging networks.

This free web application works in a similar way as Yahoo! The differences are that Meebo requires no download, and you can chat to buddies across different IM and social media networks from the same interface.

These rooms are designed to offer an easy way for you and your buddies to watch online video and looking photos together.

Paste in a URL from a site like You Tube, Google Video or Flickr, and you'll all be able to enjoy the content at the same time, in Meebo's integrated player.

The robots won’t just be limited to customer service conversations, and could also include tools like push notifications from businesses to tell people that products are back in stock, or from news organisations to tell people about breaking stories.

But many businesses can’t program such bots themselves, and so Facebook is expected to announce a special scheme that will let companies borrow Facebook’s robot power for its own customer service purposes.

The company is in the process of building tools so that companies can either more easily build robots for themselves, or to contact others, according to a new report from Tech Crunch.Bots will allow people to order products, or return them, by just talking to a robot.That automated customer service rep would be able to send back programmed replies — taking people through the entire process of returning a product that they don’t like, for instance.The idea of Facebook Messenger as a way of talking to businesses was first introduced at the company’s F8 developer conference last year.Facebook is expected to introduce the new bot platform and tools for developers at the same event this year, which starts on 12 April.Chatting with Meebo Double-clicking on a contact in the Meebo Buddy List will launch a chat window, from where you can start IM-ing your buddy.Chat options include changing the text font, size and color and choosing from a range of smilies (albeit a limited range). You can make audio and video calls, send files and play games, all via the chat window.Using Meebo's accounts console, you can add all your network accounts very easily, enabling or disabling them individually if you want.All of your online and offline contacts appear in the tidy Buddy List console.And it will hope that those bots could completely replace apps and websites for those companies that sign up for them.The new tools for bots are expected to be just one part of the huge range of new Messenger features, which could also include "secret chats".


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