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Motorola 6412 iii firmware udating

Avoid Series Recording at This Time Unfortunately, many users report issues with Series Recording including strange behavior surrounding priority rankings, lock-ups when editing Series Recordings and the recording of unwanted episodes because of incomplete Guide data.

Additionally, it appears that if you have two Series Recordings scheduled for one time you can only cancel one if needed.

At least one user has cleared up 'Box Resets' by adding cooling fans to his set up..

Note also that "Phase III" type boxes have internal hard drive cooling fans.4.

DVRs are generally "Always on" appliances.2 Do Not Leave Your Tuners Tuned to An Analog Channel Users have reported lock-ups when recording or viewing Analog channels (Generally Channels 2-99).

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A: A lot of good information on this topic can be found in this thread. A: If you consider yourself an 'early adopter' and are willing to deal with the quirks and (sometimes maddening) foibles of the Comcast DVR, there is not a better value I can think of for a 2 Tuner HD DVR.Give the 6412 a Steady and Stable Power Source - The 6412 seis to be especially sensitive to power issues such as surges and inconsistent power supplies.Make sure your 6412 is plugged into an outlet that is correctly grounded and not overloaded.A: Most of the known issues with the 6412 w/ I Guide can only truly be corrected by software or firmware updates.That said, there are some simple precautions you can take that can help you avoid common PROBLEMs.1 Leave your 6412 on at all times.The most recent update of this FAQ can always be found at id=8General Information: Q: What is the Motorola DCT-6412?As with most electronic equipment, a surge protector or UPS is indicated.Basic Troubleshooting: A substantial portion of the PROBLEMs people have with their 6412 can be traced back to the strength, quality and stability of the signal they are feeding into the device.A: The DCT-6412 is a dual-tuner HD capable DVR that Comcast and other cable television service providers are leasing to their customers. A: The DCT-3412 is a dual-tuner HD capable DVR that Comcast and other cable television service providers are leasing to their customers.It is intended as a replacement to the 6412 for areas where the transition to Digital Simulcasting (DS) is complete. A: A DVR is a device that lets you pause, fast-forward and rewind live television and schedule recordings of television programs using a program guide.


  1. Support devices. Cable In. Connects to cable signal from your service provider. IR port. Enables DCT* to control a VCR while recording a selected program. Not supported by all program guides. AC Switched Outlet. Connect AC power cord from another device, such as a. TV or VCR. TV Pass Card. S-Video. Connects to S-.

  2. Aug 10, 2013. Although I know this is a relatively old thread but I followed the fantastic instructions and upgraded my DCT 6412 III to a 1 TB drive ! It's an old unit but still works great! It's a workhorse. In my case, this is on the COGECO cable network in Canada. My DVR runs S/W 78.55 - A28p0-5.1008.r-2, firmware 16.79.

  3. Apr 2, 2013. unit powers up. i have shaw. you will need to give it a chance to update the firmware. with rogers.

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