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Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn speak about who they want to get romantic with on 14th February.

One Direction have revealed who would be their ideal dates on Valentine's Day.

He is very sensitive and gets teary-eyed when people cry around him.

Niall has been known to do some crazy things for charity due to his big heart, a fun fact that is often overlooked about him.

I rushed to check on Twitter and saw that Niall tweeted "@Niall Offical I'm loving Nandos" I had a wide grin on my face and thought of tweeting him back even though I know that he's not going to notice me "@Niall Offical I agree! Xx" all this stuff about Nandos is making me hungry even though I just ate lunch. I ran downstairs to get some crisps and went back to my room to check on Twitter. I clicked on the follower request and saw that Niall followed me, yes @Niall Official followed me! I ran to grab my phone and rang Chelsea, I couldn't hold my excitement "Chelsea! " she screamed "Guess I wasn't asleep after all! I knew it" mom said "Come on mom, still he's following me" I said still bragging about it "We believe you." dad said hiding his smile "Whatever, I'm going back up.

" I answered back "Are you going to tell the other girls? " mom asked "Yup" I smiled and sat next to my mom "How did that happen? See you guys later, by the way the girls might come by later because we're having a sleepover, remember?

One by one they started arriving first Chelsea then Fahima then Umaimah then Shami and Samema together then Tanzilah and as usual last Megan. " I answered "It's true I checked her followers" Chelsea said supporting me Samema took out her phone so did the other girls, the colour from their face just flushed out and they looked at me with a surprised face.

She always comes late because she always have to do stuff but she never ditches us. " Tanzilah asked "Well, let's slip into our PJ's first before the gossiping commence" I said "As usual you're acting crazy" Umaimah laughed We slipped into our nighties.

Niall spent his teenage years performing around Ireland and opened for Lloyd Daniels several times in Dublin.

Before they came up with the name One Direction, Niall had suggested that they name the band "Niall and The Potatoes". A girl will get bonus points with Niall if she has green eyes.

Niall is very dedicated to his beliefs and does not want to have sex before he is married, but he does not have a problem with kissing a girl and had his first kiss when he was only 11 years old. He once said that his dream celebrity date would be Miranda Cosgrove of i Carly fame.

Niall was voted the number one hottest male by Sugarscape in 2011.

Niall had only 1 minute and 24 seconds of solo time on the band's first album.


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