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While the legislation did not specify a color for the cloth letters, at least one court case did specify that they be red.Three cases of adultery appeared before the Court before the 1658 enactment, and in each case, at least one of the convicted party was forced to display letters upon the outer garment.It stated "that whosoeuer haueing comitted vncleanes in another Collonie and shall come hither and haue not satisfyed the law where the fact was comitted they shalbe sent backe or heer punished according to the Nature of the crime as if the acte had bine heer done"(PCR 9).

Ambiguities regarding adultery in the 1636 codification pose an interesting problem.

The new laws embodied this code, and distinguished between capital and criminal sexual offences.

Based on these cases, one can assume that the people of Plymouth operated under an unwritten code of moral conduct before 1636.

While the second listing of fornication is ambiguous, I interpret it as an outlaw of fornication before and after entering contract.

Upon first reading the listed offences, one might think the double listing of fornication as redundant, but I see this as an act of clarification.


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