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But I knew, when it came time to use my first tampon that my hymen wasn't intact.'The courtroom was completely silent while Stephens held back her tears and continued to look directly at Nassar's obscured face.

'You used my body for six years for your own sexual gratification.

You were stripped by your title of doctor, and soon you will be known by your prison number. Danielle Moore She detailed how Nassar abused here following a hip injury, saying she was excited at first that she would get a chance to visit with the esteemed trainer for the national team.'You took advantage of my innocence and trust. Saying that you did nothing for me would be a lie,' said Moore.

I find this fitting because a number is what I was to you. You were my doctor and I trusted you, you took complete advantage of that. ' asked Thomashsow, looking directly at her abuser.'I used to ask myself that question all the time, especially while I was laying in bed crying myself to sleep. It all started with him, and it just became worse as the years went by until she just couldn't deal with it anymore,' said Markham while weeping in court. Olivia Cowan also broke down in tears while she spoke about Nassar, while also placing blame on Michigan State and USA Gymnastics for allowing his behavior to go on for so long.'Where were you when we needed you?

'They turn into strong women who return to destroy your world.'Nassar hid his face behind his hands the entire time, never once looking at his victim.That you didn't strategically place lotion in the basement so you could beat your penis while I hid.But I still get sick at the smell of that lotion,' said Stephens.The failed to report this abuse to the proper people,' said Schuett, who then had to go back and see the doctor.The next time he penetrated her she screamed as loudly as she could until he stopped, and repeated this when he tried again. Judge Aqualina ended the day be saying: 'I am so sorry for all of you.'After my parents confronted you, they brought you back to my house to speak with me.Sitting on my living room couch I listened to you tell me that no one should ever do that, and if they do, you should tell someone,' said Stephens. Not to tell someone, but to tell everyone.' She then listed all the abuses she endured at the hands of Nassar, who entered a guilty plea to charges stemming from his assault of Stephens back in November.'You convinced my parents that I was a liar.With her mother in the room, Imrie said that Nassar stuck his fingers into both her anus and her vagina for 30 minutes while she said tears streamed down her face.Nassar had said he would need to massage a muscle in the anus, and Imrie said when he demanded she have the procedure done a second time a month later she told her mother.Nassar convinced her mother and father that she was lying, said Stephens, who revealed herself for the first time on Tuesday after being known only as 'Victim ZA' in court papers.Stephens said on Tuesday that when her father learned the truth about what had happened he took his own life.


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