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We thought the world could use a little lighthearted fun right about now.We hope you enjoy your visit and find it worthwhile to come back often.They’d play popular music from the turn of the century right up to current hits and Country Western as well.Top artists such as George Strait and a young Britney Spears were played.Halfway through the shoot, since many of the performers weren’t needed anymore that day, most of them were allowed to leave. By now the name had changed to “Our House Party” and a new logo was drawn.Later it was learned the audio guy had recorded over all the day’s previous material. Marcelo Ramallo, one of the cameramen hired to shoot the house party, became interested in joining Don with the adventure.Luckily most of the shows were videotaped and although a quantity was distributed to potential investors by the sales people, many were saved.

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Come as you are and enjoy a new attitude about wine culture.

Sexy, Silly Television actually evolved from a live Internet TV show broadcasting from studios in Calabasas, CA back in 1999.

Given Don Daro’s pioneering background in radio, it was only natural for him to take the medium to the next level. That’s when you needed a T-1 connection to receive the broadcast.

At Sixty Vines, we have the right pour for every palate.

It’s time to experience a better way to enjoy wine: on tap and perfectly selected to compliment each dish.


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