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And then there are so many posts by the other woman wondering about their relationship with a committed man will he leave his wife/girlfriend, how does he really feel, "he's so sweet and wonderful he must love me" etc.If a man has a faithful woman that he loves - it doesn't mater whether she is perfect or soso in his eyes - he will flirt (to varying degrees and in different ways depending on the man) with other women because getting the attention of women simply feels good to him.He started confiding in me (unsolicited) and told me the worst things about his girl that she was crazy, not the girl for him, it was over etc. It didnt feel right to me mainly cause I knew he was full of sh*t.Guess what a few more years have passed and he is still with the original girl (whom I think is awesome).All of that raises the question of what exactly it is that wealthy Russian women do spend their money on.“We have a very consumerist attitude so will still spend money on a Max Mara coat or Armani suit,” says Ms Kolchik.But for most, the answer to the question for now is still a resounding “no”.“When you go out with a guy, even if you’re just friends and there’s no romantic subtext, you would always expect him to pay,” says Svetlana Kolchik, deputy editor of Russia’s Marie Claire, which paid for the adverts.

I've been looking through this board this and there are so many posts by women suspecting that their man is cavorting in some way (emotional and/or physical) with another woman.

So this is a game for him, something he needs for his ego.

It would personally drive me crazy if I were her, though I don't doubt they have a good thing and love eachother.

“With all the provincial beauties in town, there are 20 women for each decent man. So they don’t reach for their wallets so the man doesn’t feel uncomfortable when other people look at him like he can’t pay for dinner.” Olga earns a good wage, and says she sometimes gets round that by giving her boyfriend money before the meal so that his sense of pride won’t be dented when it comes to paying.

Other young professional women report that some of their friends are beginning to change and don’t like the idea of never contributing financially.


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