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This is really the same as running any in-house affiliate program that passes link weight.

If the affiliate nofollows the link or passes it through their adserver the merchant won't get any value from it but affiliates may be more likely to link directly to a co-branded site rather than a standard affiliate link.

Simply start driving traffic to your website and watch it transform into cash!

First off, just to clarify, this post is a discussion about white-labeling your ecommerce business in a number of ways and the possible SEO ramifications of this, rather than white-labeling 'SEO services'! A white-label is a site which sells your products directly but under a different domain, brand or company name.

For hosting the National Rail hotel booking engine means they get 14,000 pages on a trusted domain, allowing them to rank twice for long tail keywords.

It may also mean getting followed backlinks with controlled anchor text from that domain, like you can see at the bottom of this page.

Flowers direct offer online flower delivery UK wide.

They also run over 100 local white-labels like which all sell the same flowers as part of a UK distribution network but are optimized for local terms. Firstly it allows far greater keyword coverage than you can achieve with one site.

white-label their hotel booking system on uk The main reason for pursuing this type of strategy is usually to tap into a new audience to make sales but there's also SEO considerations.The value of these links may depreciate if each site is hosted on the same IP or if the local sites don't have any link equity in their own right, but still these links are worth having, particularly if you're in a competitive market where links are hard to come by.Its worth pointing out at this stage that link pyramids or link 'empires' can have fairly black hat applications.Claim your share of the billion dollar pie that is the online dating business with our revolutionary turnkey platform that allows you to have your own branded website up and running within minutes. With the widest variety of dating niches on the web, everybody, from individuals to established brands, can plug into White Box Dating's® proprietary matchmaking engine and have their very own, fully populated and hosted dating website with minimal effort.You'll get the full application, pre-populated member database, payment processing system and customer support that is there for you at all times.Like the local example you can also use this type of white-label to 'link up' to your main site.It also has a role in reputation management as you can optimize the white-label for your main brand name.For less competitive terms using multiple websites in this way may give you the opportunity to rank twice for your most important keywords.For more competitive terms you can treat your keyword rich white-label domain with less concern than your branded domain, allowing you to use more aggressive SEO techniques to promote it.For example the example ranks better in Bing than it does in Google.As Bing becomes more important, so might this strategy.


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