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Youtube dating fail

It was only a matter of time before wearable technology moved from people's heads and wrists and ventured downstairs.

British adult retailer Bondara is leading the charge, showing off a prototype activity tracker and sex toy that goes on the gentleman's region.

’, as well as, ‘do you have any pictures of you as a baby?

'...""I once had a date at this guys house and he'd pulled out a version of 'Truth or Dare Jenga' for for us to play that involves people writing dares on some of the blank bricks.

But when I looked up who was playing that night I realised a guy I had been on a really bad date with was headlining.

I knew I had to tell my date in case he dragged me to the front and the comedian spent the whole night talking about his bad dates and directing them towards me.

I asked him what it was about and he waved it off as old photos he didn't want up there anymore.

When he went to the bathroom I came across a pile of pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend - I later found out he'd only broken up with her the day before..!

So, rather than lamenting over our love lives we’ve been digging around in the dark depths of our past dates to bring you 15 of the best - or in some ways the worst - ultimate dating fails from within the very own Glossy Posse team."I once had a date where the guy made everything in a cup in the microwave.

' I did not expect the answer I got - 'Antenatal class!

' I slipped away quietly, but not before they showed me pictures of their babies.""I had a date with a guy I really liked and he was planning on taking me to the comedy store.

' It would have been fine if my ex date hadn't been funny - but he really was, so as everyone ripped into laughter around us I had to contain my big belly laughs, while my now date sat there with a face like thunder!

""Once this guy invited me round his house for our first date and when we got into his bedroom there were lots of perculiar rectangular patches over the wall.


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